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What types of passes are needed for Wolfe Park and Lake Zoar?

Vehicle parking stickers, which you need to park in the main parking lot at the pool side of the park and to get past the guard house on the lake side of the park, are needed the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend thru Labor Day Monday. They are free for Monroe residents whose cars are registered properly in the Town of Monroe and get mailed out with your car tax bill. Non-residents can obtain a car sticker by purchasing a pool membership. To get into the pool area everyone must present a valid membership card or pay a daily fee, even if you are just a spectator.

A Lake Zoar pass consists of one vehicle parking sticker and one ID card for your boat or Kayak. This is for Monroe residents only. If you want to park more than one vehicle, you need to purchase an additional pass. Wolfe Park vehicle stickers, Wolfe Park and Lake Zoar passes go on sale yearly mid to late May either in person at the Wolfe Park Pool House, at the Parks & Rec Office or online - check the website for complete details as the time nears.

Updated 12/9/2022 12:27 PM
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