COVID-19 Info - Age 16+ Eligible to Register for Vaccination

COVID-19 Vaccination Standby Signup (Very Limited - Updated Mondays 8-8:30 am)

Town Hall is open for routine public access.  We continue to encourage residents to access information through phone, email and online.  In-person Appointments can be made by clicking here.  

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COVID-19 Vaccine Standby List

The Monroe Health Department operates weekly COVID-19 vaccination clinics. Sometimes we may have a very small number of extra doses of vaccine due to appointment cancellations or extra doses per vial.

** IMPORTANT ** This should NOT be your sole means for obtaining the COVID-19 vaccine. This is NOT a guaranteed appointment and there are usually very few, if any, extra doses available.

If you are interested in being on the Stand-By List:

• You must be registered in VAMS and eligible to receive vaccine. Additional information on eligibility and requirements can be found at:

• You must be available to answer your phone in person if called to confirm arrangements. Due to the short time frames involved, we will not be able to leave a message.

• If extra vaccine becomes available, you will be contacted by phone between 2:00 pm and 2:45 pm on the day of the clinic, in the order that your name is on the standby list.

• You must be able to arrive at the Monroe clinic before 3:00 pm to receive the vaccine.

• If you are called, agree to be vaccinated, and you already have another vaccination appointment, you will need to cancel that pre-existing appointment in VAMS so that we will be able to access your VAMS record.

Please click below for the COVID-19 Vaccine Standby Lists:


**Please - one sign up slot per person**

Next Standby List will be posted on Monday, April 12, 2021 - St. Jude School, 707 Monroe Turnpike, Monroe CT  06468