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From the First Selectman

A Message from the First SelectmanFirst Selectman, Ken Kellogg

Founded in 1823, Monroe is an outstanding community of nearly 20,000 residents. Monroe offers award-winning schools, safe neighborhoods, beautiful parks, and growth in local business and industry. We offer the convenience of several restaurants and retail shopping while maintaining a New England, small-town charm.

Thank you for visiting the Monroe website; we continue to make more information and services available online. If you have any suggestions to improve our site, please contact me.

Ken Kellogg
First Selectman

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1/21/2019 - Information on Winter Storm Operations


Stay Updated

Sign Up for Emergency “Code Red” Notifications
We utilize Code Red for emergency community notification. However, you must enroll in this service in order to be notified. If you are not already enrolled, click on “Code Red Sign Up” at the top right of our home page at

• Emergency information and Town Hall closures will be posted, when appropriate, on the top of the Town’s website at
• Information on school-related activities is posted on the Board of Education’s page at
• Information on Library activates and potential cancelations are posted at

Reporting Issues & Concerns
As always, in an emergency call 911. If the issue is not an emergency, but requires immediate attention, the best way to report is to call our dispatch center at 203-261-3622. This will ensure that the proper departments are notified and the matter prioritized.

For routine concerns that can wait until after the storm, you can even go to our website at and use the “Submit a Service Request” button. You can also submit service requests by using the Monrovian app on your mobile device.

For issues with your utility provider, the most effective way to report is to contact your service provider directly:

Eversource – Power Outage: 800-286-2000
Eversource – Natural Gas: 800-989-0900
Aquarion: 800-732-9678
Charter/Spectrum: 833-780-1880
Frontier: 800-921-8101


During winter storms, parking on public roads that hinders emergency response vehicles, creates a hazard or interferes with the safe removal of snow or ice is not permitted, and vehicles may be towed and the owner ticketed by police. Please remove vehicles from the roadway prior to a snow/ice storm.

Snow Plowing 

 The Town of Monroe has approximately 136 miles of local roadway that we maintain and plow. Additionally, the state CTDOT plows Routes 25, 34, 59, 110 & 111. Due to the high costs of removing snow, it is important for the DPW to use its resources wisely to minimize the cost. Resources are deployed differently based upon the nature of each winter event. While we may treat the roadway early in a storm, as it may actually be safer to wait for more snow accumulations prior to plowing (and avoid creating a layer of ice.) 

Plow Routes

The roadways are plowed and sanded in order of priority. Main (collector) roads are addressed first with special attention to steep hills and difficult intersections. Side roads are done next, then cul-de-sacs. Side roads will remain unplowed if the main roads require repeated plowing. While this may seem unfair to the residents of side roads and cul-de-sacs, please understand that our main roads must remain open. Our crews remain in constant contact with emergency personnel. In the event of an emergency, crews are immediately deployed to assist and provide emergency access.

Blocked Driveways

All snow plows angle the same way – to the driver’s right – and when plowing, the snow gets pushed in front of the driveway. The homeowner is responsible for access to the driveway. The only way to avoid extra shoveling is to wait until crews have done their final clean up on the road.


Mailboxes and supporting posts must be installed to withstand the rigors of snow removal, including the force of snow pushed from the street onto the roadside. They should be installed 15" away from the edge of the road and 42" high to the bottom of the mailbox. While the Town will repair or replace mailboxes and/or posts that are actually struck by a plow blade or truck, we will not repair or replace mailboxes and/or posts that crack or break just from the force of plowed snow or because they were improperly installed.

Basketball Hoops

Basketball hoops are not permitted in the road or in the Town right-of-way. Please remove any basketball hoops out of harm’s way. The Town does not repair nor replace basketball hoops that are accidentally damaged from our operations.